Call to Action

We need a comprehensive coordinated approach from our service-supported organizations to get behind Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for our veterans. The Military Coalition groups can help us in this initiative with the following:

  • Educate all 32 Military Coalition service organizations how impactful TBI/PTSD is to our veteran population and the positive results of HBOT on combating these invisible wounds.
  • Hold the Department of Veteran Affairs group accountable for conducting the HBOT treatments they committed to providing in November 2017
  • Educate and lobby our state and National legislators to begin the process of enacting legislation at a national level that FORCES THE VA TO FUND HBOT treatment for our veterans suffering from TBI and PTSD
  • Bring awareness to our veteran groups that HBOT treatments are available now for those in need in a state by state basis along with some financial support
  • Our efforts will help reduce the opioid epidemic decimating many of our fellow veterans since HBOT has a positive impact on medical effects for pain, addiction and with drawl symptoms.

Through these joint collaborative efforts, we can begin to have a positive impact on our veterans needing our assistance migrating back to normal productive civilian lives who are suffering from TBI/PTSD.